Penis Exercises

Penis exercises are simply exercises designed to develop change in the penis. The exercises concentrate on several aspects such as skeletal muscles of the penis like those in the pelvic floor or expanding the tissue of the penis making it generate new tissue cells. Similar to other exercises of the body, penis exercises generate stronger muscle tissue cells hence increasing tissue mass.

There is an assortment of exercises to choose from, and it is your choice to select an ideal exercise that will make your erections stronger, bigger and more satisfying. The good thing about such exercises is that they are natural and safe to use. Save your hard earned money and time on products that do not produce expected results more so cheap pills and devices that are harmful to your health. So if you are looking for effective ways to grow your penis, penis exercises are your best bet. The best bit is that you can perform them with your hands only.

A useful technique for adding inches to your size is the ultimate stretcher which incorporates stretching your dick out. The procedure involves grasping the head of your glans firmly and stretching it until you feel painless stretch in the shaft and base of your ‘little buddy’. Hold it in the same position for 10 to 30 seconds, take a break and repeat the process. Perform this exercise on a daily basis for 5 to 10 minutes.

Some tactics are similar while others have specific instructions to work effectively. The jelqing method (milking) for instance requires a semi-erect penis of almost half of your maximum erection power. Some experts recommend that you avoid other methods for security reasons, a good example being the weight-lifter. However, when these techniques are done correctly and in moderation, they can have great positive effects on your penile size.