Granite Kitchen Top


In most homes a kitchen is considered one of the most important places of the house. It is the place where families spend time together eating meals and the room in which people are especially proud. One quality which makes this room look and feel exquisite is a granite kitchen top.

What is granite?

Granite is a hard wearing form of igneous rock that has become a popular form of kitchen worktop. It is a natural stone along the likes of limestone and marble which are also used as worktops. 


A granite kitchen top can come in various colours to suit most kitchens. Some of the most popular colours have been black, white, tan and cream. 


Granite has become such a popular form to use as worktops that the price has come down over the years. It can be expensive depending on who you buy your worktops from and who completes the installation. For a typical kitchen that has work surfaces of around five liner metres, you are looking at around £1000-£1500 roughly. However this price can be lowered if you install the tops yourself. 

Looks fantastic- a luxury product that has stayed in fashion
Suits most kitchens, modern or traditional
Lots of colours to choose from
Price can be decent

Price can be expensive for some
Natural stone needs sealing to prevent bacteria and fluids that can cause staining
Very heavy

A granite kitchen top is hard wearing and looks great. The only caution is the price can be very high as it is considered a luxury product.